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제목 2022년 재무금융 관련 5개학회 발표논문 제1분과 투자론1
작성자 관리자 조회수 295 작성일 2022.05.30





Variances, Jumps, and Cryptocurrency Returns

 - Suzanne S. Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)*

 - Minho Wang (Florida International University) 





Hidden Liquidity, Market Quality, and Order Submission Strategies

 - Albert J. Lee (Truman State University)*

 - Kee H. Chung (University at Buffalo-SUNY)

 - Minho Wang (Florida International University)  





Ex post Risk Premium Relationships Between Large and Small Countries: Before, During and after the Great Recession

 - Kenneth J. Kopecky (Temple University)

 - 이태협 (SUNY Fredonia)

 - 유세현 (Belmont University)

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