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제목 2021년 추계학술논문 Session 1~2
작성자 관리자 조회수 398 작성일 2021.12.13



Session1  Investments

1. The Pricing of Idiosyncratic Cash Flow Risks with Heterogeneous Beliefs

2. Understanding BOXPI – Industry Portfolio Perspective

3. Strategically Comparable Firm-Finding Algorithm (CFFA):

   A Strategic Management Approach to Valuation


Session2  박사과정 


1. Quantum Fnance and Its Implications to Practice and Academia

2. Asymmetric Asset Correlations in Credit Portfolios

3. Climate Change Risk and the Value of Cash Holdings

첨부파일 첨부파일 01_01_The pricing of idiosyncratic cash flow risks with heterogeneous beliefs.pdf(2001137 Byte)
첨부파일 01_02_Understanding BOXPI – Industry Portfolio.pdf(840859 Byte)
첨부파일 01_03_Strategically Comparable Firm-Finding Algorithm (CFFA).pdf(455051 Byte)
첨부파일 02_01_Quantum Fnance and Its Implications to Practice and Academia.docx(210232 Byte)
첨부파일 02_02_Asymmetric Asset Correlations in Credit Portfolios.pdf(504454 Byte)
첨부파일 02_03_Climate change risk and the value of cash holdings.pdf(695261 Byte)