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제목 2017년 재무금융 5개학회 발표논문(10~12분과)
작성자 관리자 조회수 851 작성일 2017.06.20

기업재무 3

How Do Co-Opted Directors Influence Corporate Risk-Taking?

- Pornsit Jiraporn(Pennsylvania State Univ.) Young Sang Kim(Northern Kentucky Univ.) Sang Mook Lee(Pennsylvania State Univ.)

Do Family Firms Care for their Stakeholders? Evidence from the Customer-Supplier Relationship

- 김소연(연세대) 박세열(연세대) 신현한(연세대)

A Large Creditor in Contagious Liquidity Crises

- 오동철(KAIST) 박정흠(KAIST)*


투자론 2

Order Type Selection of Informed Investors around Earnings Announcements

- 정재만(숭실대) 강 민(서울대) 김정욱(서울대)

The World Price of Tail Risk

- 이관휘(서울대) 양철원(단국대)

Market Returns and Investor Sentiment Measured by Internet Search Volume

- 채 준(서울대) 김형주(한국은행) 구본하(서울대)


투자론 3

Short-Term Momentums in the Commodity Futures Market

- 강장구(KAIST) 권경윤(KAIST) 윤재선(KAIST)

A Proposal About a New Approach to Asset Pricing Theory: Expected Anomaly Model


The Evolving Nature of Japanese Corporate Governance: Guaranteed Bonds vs. Rated Bonds

- Seung Hun Han(KAIST) Michael S. Pagano(Villanova Univ.) Yoon S. Shin(Loyola Univ. Maryland)



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