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제목 2018년 재무금융 5개학회 발표논문(박사과정2)
작성자 관리자 조회수 1171 작성일 2018.06.26

박사과정 컨소시엄 2

The Impact of Government Ownership on Dividend Policy: Cases in Vietnam and Taiwan

- Hang Thi Thuy Pham(전남대) 정성창(전남대) Hang Thi Dieu Nguyen (Yuan Ze Univ.)

Investigating Performances of Takeover Activities using Google Trend Search Volume Index

- 배경훈(한양대) 정하일(UNIST) 김대진(UNIST)

Foreigners at the Gate? Foreign Investor Trading and Behavioral Anomalies of Domestic Individual Investors

- 박근우(한양대) 정성훈(대구가톨릭대) 오지열(한양대)



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